Odor Nuisance

In Renkum Smurfit Kappa Parenco owns a paper factory. For more then a hundred years paper is being made here. Since 2016 the production has shifted from newspaper to paper that forms the basis for corrugated cardboard, which is being used to package goods. Due to the increasing sales on internet, there is an increasing demand for corrugated cardboard and thus the paper being made in Renkum.

There are local residents however who experience disturbances in the form of smell, sound and vibrations, due to the fabrics activities. Hereby the factory stands against local residents.

What is the role of the department when it comes to licenses, the treatment of complaints and the ability to find documents?

Together with writer Karel Smouter I travelled through The Netherlands to find an answer to the question; what is the function of the department? What is this highly invisible governance level actually doing? This ahead of the provincial elections being held the 21st of March.

for De Correspondent