No more rent

Albert Visscher, a man in his fifties, made a radical decision. He couldn’t pay his rent anymore so he bought an old super market truck to live in. He placed it on an abandoned business park close to the city. A couple of years later he still lives here, illegally, together with his girlfriend.

‘On the most beautiful spot of the city’, he says looking out over the river. A wood stove keeps him warm during the cold winter months; in summer he enjoys the outdoors. He washes himself with rainwater and is able to use tapwater from the neighbours.

In the West more and more people slowly glide into poverty and debts. With a growing pressure on the housing market fewer affordable places are available for rent. Some are simply not able to pay their bills any more. How do we take responsibility in a world dominated by economical values? Albert and his girlfriend made a rigorous choice to abandon luxury and live in a trailer, but is that the solution to a growing problem? In The Netherlands almost one in every five households has problematic debts, according to a research study, which not only causes economical problems but also affects ones life in general.